Electricity VS Magnetic Energy

Electricity VS Magnetic Energy

Etheric energy pervades the Universe and could be considered a form of neutral latent magnetic energy. When etheric energy is attracted into action, which happens constantly throughout the Universe, we call it magnetic energy because it is working on an attract principle. Please note, we are defining magnetic energy as much more than something simply associated with magnets. But we should note that it is all the same energy, simply in different forms and/or concentrations and/or pulse rates and/or elemental variances. And this includes gravity!

As Tesla and others have figured out, etheric energy is neutral. When “north” and “south” magnetic polarities or magnetic inflows and outflows are perfectly combined and pulsed, the proper geometric field arises and attracts neutral etheric energy. This unlimited energy can then be offered any polarity and be put to work. Once this principle is mastered, numerous methods will be developed to tap into etheric energy. This process is the key to the kingdom…

Electricity and every manifestation of it is an improper extraction of etheric energy. It is a stripping of electrons under improper conditions that results in elements working to correct the imbalance created with their higher dimensional templates. For example, in conventional power plants and power lines, electrons are being unnaturally stripped from copper which creates an attract action where the nearest and easiest electrons are inter-dimensionally attracted to the copper to maintain its structural balance. The ozone layer just happens to be a close and convenient source for free electrons, hence ozone depletion.

Magnetic energy is not simply using the power from magnets. It is utilizing the energy flowing through the magnets (or other materials) to attract etheric energy. Magnetic energy, when properly extracted from the etheric field, is done in part through vibrating/energizing para and diamagnetic materials to the point where the energy exchange with their higher dimensional templates is free flowing. In this high vibration state, there is an unending supply of magnetic energy (even with electrical bi-products) because the extraction comes directly from the etheric field through the elemental template and instantly gets restored leaving the physical element relatively unchanged. This is why a properly configured magnetic energy battery never runs out of power – it is properly tapping the etheric field.

Here is a brief list of some of the differences between electricity and magnetic energy:


Electricity Magnetic Energy
Electricity typically flows through conductors such as copper, aluminum, gold, and silver Magnetic Energy, in current form, typically flows through steel wire, preferably copper coated
Electricity is forced through a conductor and loses power over distance Magnetic Energy is attracted through a conductor and maintains power and even gains power in the process of transmission
Electricity is a phenomenon involving electrons Magnetic Energy primarily involves ions via neutrons, with some electron bi-products or secondary uses
Electricity can be damaging to life forms Magnetic Energy heals and optimizes life forms
Electricity can be used to run motors, heaters, lights, computers, cell phones, etc. etc. etc. Magnetic Energy can run all the equivalent devices without producing pollution, including EMF pollution, while providing infinitely faster internet connections with infinitely greater bandwidth and processing power
Electricity results from disruptions in higher dimensional energy, or ether Magnetic Energy is the free flow of ether and the enhancement of that flow
Electricity damages the connection between matter and its higher dimensional or etheric template Magnetic Energy reinforces the connection between matter and its higher dimensional template
Electricity, under extreme conditions, can break apart matter and even assemble or create matter Magnetic energy, under normal room temperature conditions, readily breaks apart matter, assembles matter, duplicates matter, creates matter, and more
Electricity measuring involves frequencies, volts, amps, watts, ohms, etc. Magnetic Energy measuring involves pulse rates, composition, intensity, polarity analysis, and so much more
Electricity is limited to the speed of light Magnetic Energy can travel at a nearly infinite velocity
Electricity produces fields that can be harmful to life forms Magnetic Energy produces fields that nourish life forms
Electricity shocks life forms when it contacts them Magnetic Energy is readily absorbed by life forms without any pain
Electricity is limited to positive and negative polarities Magnetic Energy is primarily neutral but it can become an infinite number of polarities that include positive, negative, and neutral with variations of elemental signatures, pulse rates, and strengths
Electricity has limitations for propagation depending on the medium and distance Magnetic Energy can be sent or attracted through any medium at any distance without any degradation because it travels inter-dimensionally
Electricity has power stations and electrical grids that are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters and human made weapons Magnetic Energy would have a distribution network that is impenetrable, 100% reliable, and capable of withstanding any natural disasters and even nuclear blasts, EMP’s and solar events
Electricity has limited applications when interacting with gravity Magnetic Energy can alleviate, intensify, attract, repel, and create gravity
Electricity has limited applications for space travel Magnetic Energy is readily available throughout the Universe and can be used to power space ships far beyond light speed with total protection
Electricity has limited applications for healing life forms Magnetic Energy can be used to heal any disease, repair any biological damage, and restore optimum health to any life form
Electricity is a bi-product of a Magnetic Energy or etheric field distortion and extraction Magnetic Energy is a direct expression or utilization of etheric energy, it is the primary mover in the Universe
Electricity is not a constant Magnetic Energy is a constant
Electricity does not freely flow through dimensions Magnetic Energy flows freely through dimensions via attraction as a pressure flow often through inter-dimensional vortices throughout the Universe
Electricity is the primary cause of ozone depletion Magnetic Energy use builds the ozone layer and promotes ionospheric balance
Electricity depletes our planetary resources Magnetic Energy can actually restore our planetary resources and even add to them!!!