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  1. Hello my name is Tim. I have to commend the people who have had this information for so long and endured the suppression of it ! The goal of the site seems to educate and not to have running devices . Is this from fear or is the world not ready yet ? This information is so enlightening and can only hope to expand on it . Can we expect more soon ?

    • We’ve had running units confiscated, but we are still hopeful that some day this technology will come forward and help people. Education is part of that process. We will release more information and proof as soon as we are allowed to do so.

  2. I came across this master file over 10 years ago and still can’t make anything out of it, has anyone tried anything ?

  3. Fascinating technology and underlying concept. One main problem I did not initially understood was that the Mini Romag also needs a apparently ‘magnetic load’ and not just an electrical load, right? Are you aware of a simple magnetic load? Like a resistor or bulb? Right now an replication attempt of the Mini Romag is more or less pointless unless one also makes a mini magnetic motor, but that requires the special alloy which no one can realistically obtain… So a simple magnetic load is very much wanted to move forward with this tech. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

    • A relatively simple device that could work in conjunction with the mini romag would be a mini water pump. The principles in the water pump could also be extrapolated to create other similar devices that would work with the romag or mini romag.

  4. Hello my name is Robbie, I have being following up on magnetic energy devices and claims for the past 10 year, it’s just a passion. Many have claimed working devices. Tim what is the criteria for the right time for this technology to go public?

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