The Magnetic Energy Home

This information assumes that humanity undergoes a shift in consciousness, and peace on earth becomes a reality. Enlightenment will be initiated by a global magnetic vibratory change, and people who have chosen (at a higher dimensional soul level) to experience this shift in consciousness will go through this process, which is right around the corner. After the shift, the development of magnetic energy technology will be shockingly fast and there is no doubt that human ingenuity and creativity will produce gadgets beyond our wildest imaginations. With the end of scarcity and the economic prison, the earth will no longer be stripped for resources and labor will not be required to produce goods. Being a citizen of earth will entitle people to experience life to the fullest, including living in magnetic energy homes if desired. Even land ownership will evolve into honoring the earth as a sanctuary that we treasure as a gift without the need to own it. Animals will be viewed as sacred and will no longer be hunted and harvested for food because magnetic technology will be able to naturally replicate or generate any food necessary. With new technology people will disperse into communities to where they feel drawn all over the world. The magnetic energy home can be 100% off grid or connected to a magnetic grid, but either way it will receive wireless power and be self-sustaining in any environment. Here is a brief example of a home in a world with magnetic energy technology in full swing.

We begin with the basic structure. The home, including the foundation, is composed of a crystalline magnetic force field that is fully programmable. The permeability of the home can be changed in an instant from a structure that allows air to flow through any or all parts of the home to a structure that is essentially impenetrable. The size, shape, opaqueness, texture, and color of the home can also be changed in an instant to produce essentially any design. The home can either rest on the ground or hover in the air. The home can be transported anywhere on the planet and provide total protection, including under water. The home can be dimensionally stored for travel purposes and then brought back to our dimension in the new location. The home contains a healthy life giving energy that rejuvenates cells and repairs any damage to the physical body. The interior of the home can be designed and changed instantly in any manner that people find suitable with rooms, furniture, power, plumbing, etc.

The food supply in the magnetic energy home has a variety of options. The ideal growing environment for any type of food is instantly achieved if growing food is desired. The magnetic energy food generator can also provide essentially any food on the planet through replication or generation. Food can be stored if desired in perfect stasis for as long as wanted. With a global magnetic energy network, food can be instantly transported directly into the home from anywhere on the planet, allowing people to enjoy an infinite variety of creative cuisines. If desired, cooking food with standard kitchen equipment is possible, but cleaning up is a different story.

All garbage and waste in the magnetic energy home is redistributed or converted to pure energy. Dirty dishes may be cleaned with magnetic fields or just completely redistributed with every use. The home is automatically as clean as the occupants choose. The air in the magnetic energy home is in balance with nature in an elemental ratio ideal for humans, pets, and plants. The water produced in the magnetic energy home is properly energized and balanced with the optimal mineral ratio.

There is no need to store anything in the magnetic energy home because items can be instantly produced over and over, but if certain items have sentimental value, those items can either be stored conventionally or dimensionally to save space. Clothing, jewelry, art, personal belongings, etc. can all be generated or transferred from other locations, of course at no cost. People will simply take pride and joy in their designs being used by others.

Entertainment in the magnetic energy home is literally beyond this dimension. Music produced with magnetic energy, and no electricity, immerses the person in an experience that is transcendental with the sound being heard and felt through the entire body and mind. Of course life-like 3D entertainment at any size is available to revisit favorite classics and watch new movies and shows if desired. Magnetic energy simulators will allow people to enter into life-like worlds with each other and explore fantasies and adventures. While this is fun, keep in mind that the entire Universe is now the playground, so exploring other worlds and cultures is an option too.

This brings us to the magnetic doorway, which comes standard in every magnetic home. The magnetic doorway can connect with any other magnetic doorway the user desires in any location. This means your family can go for a hike in the Himalayan Mountains using temperature controlled zero-gravity tech, come home, generate some swim suits, and visit a beach in Jamaica for the afternoon. Then you can all have dinner in a restaurant at the bottom of the ocean, or visit some friends on Mars and be home for bed. Of course, the next generation magnetic doorway will simply allow you to go anywhere with no other doorway required. The Universe is the limit.

If you are all in the mood to go flying, the magnetic energy vehicle provides the freedom to explore any location around the planet and beyond at speeds well beyond light. For people who simply want to view different parts of the Universe with crystal clear imaging, the magnetic home is also equipped with a magnetic telescope that attracts and composes magnetic energy and light from essentially any destination allowing people to view other worlds with stunning clarity.

After a long day of learning and adventure, people need a wonderful night of sleep. The magnetic energy bed allows you to change the density of the bed as well as the field of energy around the bed. You can sleep in a completely weightless energy field if desired. And all sound and light settings are a thought away. The bed is also designed to immerse you in a rejuvenating field that brings your body into relaxation and perfect health, removes any toxins or unwanted molecular structures and restores your age to whatever you choose. Sweet dreams.