free energy magnetic light with no pollution to recycle, save environment


Magnetic Light Hand Drawings

Magnetic Light – PDF

Magnetic Light – JPG

Here is a very basic CAD drawing to get you started.

Magnetic Light Box CAD

  • Free energy specially wired Acrylic Light Box that accepts magnetic current and causes it to manifest as light
  • This light does not create pollution, and will help save on utilities
  • This light is excellent for the environment, for people, animals, and plants
  • This light is designed to recycle magnetic energy safely and efficiently back into the Earth’s energy field
  • Suggested uses – Lighting for structures: Buildings, Greenhouses, Homes, etc.
  • Requires the Magnetic Current Generator to power the Light Box

We are providing this free information out of love to help save our planet. Please help us in educating people about magnetic energy.

This unit demonstrates how stars actually function. The conventional explanation of stars as super high pressure nuclear furnaces bound to run out of fuel is completely misguided. Stars receive magnetic energy which is the catalyst for reactions that result in light. Stars are perfectly efficient and capable of providing light as long as they receive magnetic energy. The nuclear reactions that take place within this light unit and stars is a safe reaction. Not only is the radiation harmless, it benefits life forms. Humans have contaminated the system with harmful radioactive elements that are completely unnecessary. Magnetic energy can provide clean power that is far superior to dirty conventional nuclear power. The controlled low pressure nuclear fission reactions that take place in this light box produce very little heat demonstrating the power of magnetic energy to efficiently break molecular bonds. As stars demonstrate, the heat can be turned way up under proper conditions. Are you ready for magnetically powered crystal flashlights that never run out of power?

The lights lighting industrialized nations use a tremendous amount of energy, create a staggering amount of pollution, consume an unreasonable amount of our natural resources, and cost people an insane amount of money. We pay for utilities that are slowing killing us. It is time for a paradigm shift. With magnetic energy we will have an unlimited supply of free energy, zero pollution being created while we use lights and other magnetic devices, very little consumption of our natural resources, and very little utilities costs to maintain a far superior quality of life than we currently have. Not only is magnetic energy not too good to be true, but it may be necessary for our long term survival. This magnetic light is one small example of the use of magnetic energy that could greatly benefit people around the planet.

The Magnetic Current Generator supplies the necessary magnetic current to power this light. This is a magnetic device that encases molecular structures in a see-through box and then causes them to manifest as magnetic light. This device, aside from supplying light, will also aid in proving that the bulk of molecular structures are magnetic. Scientists have yet to explore the possibilities of magnetic energy and the variety of uses for this free energy. We call it free energy because magnetic energy does not require the consumption of our natural resources to maintain functioning. The free energy devices on this website utilize the magnetic field of the planet, mainly from the ionosphere, and then recycle the energy right back into the system without creating pollution. An analogy would be the water wheel that capitalizes and the current of a river to generate electricity. Magnetic devices capitalize on the magnetic currents on the Universe which are very powerful, very reliable, and accessible wherever we need them.

With further exploration scientists will discover that all matter is composed a molecular structures that can be manufactured directly from energy. Magnetic energy devices will truly be free energy devices then because even the cost of the unit and effects of building the unit on the environment will be alleviated. Numerous designs of this Magnetic Light Box will emerge to perform countless functions. This light is the most basic model that is being offered to give people the necessary concepts to let their creative energy design glorious lighting devices unlike anything we have seen in our modern world. This simple light, once understood, will redefine the principles of atomic interactions and molecular transformation.

This light, when studied thoroughly, will cause scientists to question some of the Laws of Physics and the Theory of Relativity. When Einstein developed the Theory of Relativity he failed to take into account the dynamic interaction of magnetic energy within the planetary system. The Ether Theory was abandoned with the introduction of the Theory of Relativity, but new scientific discoveries will bring science back to an ether type of thinking. The idea of a homogeneous omnipresent ether may be correct in the sense that magnetic energy is a constant and does exist everywhere, but the energy is constantly changing and occurs in an infinite variety of degrees, patterns, and polarities. The planets, the solar system, the Universe all function in a dynamic, ever balance system of magnetic forces that will be understood as the field of Magnetic Energy is properly explored. Einstein indicated in later writings that he believed there was more to the story than he originally conveyed. The speed of light, for example, has not been tested thoroughly enough as time will show. Light comes in many forms with many characteristics and light moves differently depending on the environment it is moving through. The magnetic nature of light has been overlooked too long because all light is somewhat magnetic in nature. Light travels in waves in certain environments but it can also travel in pulses, which a much faster than waves. Now that a new method of generating light is available for analysis, light will be seen as an energy form that can be manipulated, slowed down, sped up, an altered in numerous ways.

Light has long been seen as some sort of barrier in space travel. This erroneous thinking will be long forgotten when new space ship technology is fully utilized. Magnetic energy under the right conditions is not governed by the speed of light. Magnetic energy in a certain sphere reflects or diffracts light enabling an object to be attracted to a destination at a nearly infinite velocity. A deeper understanding of Universal energy systems will lead to the awareness that time only exists in our perceptions, everything outside of our perceptions already exists. Simple new scientific discoveries can open the doors to the Universe, and we are about to enter into a whole new reality.

The light from this light box occurs partly due to the arrangement of wires that function as LIGHTING FILAMENTS that do not produce heat as we know it. This device has the needed atmospheric interior that causes magnetic current to manifest as light through a series of magnetic interactions. The device has the correct wiring arrangement, which causes magnetic energy to be subjected to a change of motion that contributes to the manifestation of light.

This light box is made of 3/8″ thick acrylic measuring 29 inches high, 18 inches deep and 12 inches wide. This box has the bottom acrylic fastened so as to be removable and secured to hold 5 pounds of air pressure. Magnetic current is circuited into this box in such a way so as to travel around all the interior edges, then be returned to the generator. The magnetic current is attracted back to the generator, but the wiring controls how much current returns to the generator causing a magnetic energy build-up in the box. This energy build-up in the pressured environment causes a molecular reaction that is nuclear in nature with minimal heat and no radioactivity. It is a form of cold fusion as the reaction between the wires spreads and releases the transformed magnetic energy as light.

The acrylic box is sealed to hold 5 pounds of air pressure and magnetic current is circuited into the box. This energy travels 50 percent of its distance in one direction and then completes its return circuit by interacting with the flow of the wire only 1/8-inch away. This magnetic activity becomes transmuted into a light form of magnetism as it utilizes the 5 pounds of air inside the box. There is some modest heating but the wires’ temperature could be called COLD when compared to electrical filament heating.

If the air is taken out of this unit the light stops showing that the air is a magnetic conduit. Other gases can be mixed in the box to bring various results. Magnetic fields around the box will produce different results. This simple unit has endless possibilities for scientific investigation.

This light box illustrates that most molecular structures are MAGNETIC. People will call the energy inside this unit electricity, but this energy is more accurately described as a LIGHT FORM of magnetism. All light is a form of magnetic energy. Electricity is the misuse of magnetic energy, and electrical light is a form of magnetism that creates unnecessary and unhealthy bi-products. As this unit demonstrates, light can be produced without damaging the environment. This lighting device, while providing healthy, steady light, is designed to perfectly recycle the magnetic energy back into the earth to maintain an energy balance on the planet. Our current technology, mainly electricity, does not recycle energy properly back into the earth thus creating an energy imbalance on our planet. The ionosphere provides the energy necessary to generate electricity on our planet, and through the use of new metering technology, scientists will come to see this fact. The ionosphere is being depleted because of the wide spread use of electricity. In order to try to maintain an energy balance, the ionosphere forms powerful energy vortexes that draw energy up from the earth. These vortexes are the driving force behind powerful weather vortexes like tornadoes and hurricanes. The ionosphere will continue to maintain an energy balance and the storms will continue to become more powerful as long as we keep creating an imbalance in the Earth’s energy system. It is critical that we begin to use a safer form of energy that does not require pollution, that will recycle energy back into the Earth, that will not deplete our natural resources, and that will improve the quality of our lives by not constantly subjecting us to harmful fields. The time has come for us to make the transition to free magnetic energy.


  1. A 3/8 inch thick acrylic box measuring 29 inches high, 18″ deep by 12 ” wide with a removable bottom plate.
  2. Acrylic bottom plate, 1 inch thick measuring 19 inches by 13 inches with a 1/2-inch deep groove to hold the upper portion.
  3. An ‘O’ ring seal that gets compressed between parts #1 and #2 for box sealing purposes.
  4. An air intake pipe and valve used to hold 5 pounds of air inside this box.
  5. Nylon screws to firmly hold parts 1 and 2 together.
  6. Are numbers that identify locations inside this box. These numbers, 1 to 17 show how wires are circuited around on the inside of this box.
  7. The wire wrapped around in one continuous length of clean #27 copper coated steel wire.
  8. Acrylic wire holding spacers shafts bonded to all 17-corner locations. These shafts allow wires to be firmly tightened so as to maintain a 1/8-inch spacing between all wires.
  9. Viewing figure 1. To begin, a small spool of #27 clean copper coated steel wire is located inside the box. This wire should be similar to the wire inside a coaxial cable. Next, the wire is secured into one wall by having an acrylic tube fastened on the box and bonded to the wire’s insulation jacket that is on the wire outside the box. This wire should have enough length to go to the Magnet Current Generator which supplies the energy to power this light box.Next, with the top and bottom open (top to be glued in place after wiring), the wire from the spool is placed over a 1/8-inch short acrylic spacer shaft located at position #1. This wire is held firm by an acrylic snap collar (see figure 1), and is then circuited to point #2 where another collar is pressed into place to keep the wire tight. This winding pattern goes around for all 17-wire holding locations until arriving back at start point #1. This same spool of wire now reverses and goes backwards 1/8 inch away from the first set of wires until arriving back at location #1.The end of this wire is left DEAD ENDED. Next, this wire end is bent into a hair pin shape that places it 1/4 inch away from the wire which has entered the box at the start of the winding.
  10. Final wire connection inside the box. The dead-ended wire has a very special connecting method that then returns its flow back to the generator. (See Figure 1). A second copper coated steel wire is secured and protruding inside the box that goes to the magnetic current generator. This wire has a clean #40 copper wire securely attached. This thin wire serves somewhat like a fuse as it makes contact to the dead-ended wire. This thin wire controls how much magnetic current leaves the light box; it keeps a certain magnetic pressure in the box to create bright light. These two wires, while being held 1/4 inch, apart are wrapped around with three wraps of #40 wire. As shown, this contact surface is only 3 BACKSIDES of contact. The use of this thin wire, and its minimal contact prevent the magnetic flow from returning to the generator with a volume that could drain the energy from inside the box. Please share this information with others.

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