Magnetic Energy Terms

Please enjoy this brief list of terms from the Magnetic Energy perspective. We hope they will enrich your understanding of the Universe.

Also, please review the important environmental issues listed below the terms.

Magnetic Energy Terms
Energy – that which structures the Universe

Magnetic Energy – flowing attract energy, flowing or moving energy that flows in and out of nearly all energy systems and is magnetic in nature meaning that it generally moves by attract fields, it is attracted to its destination. Magnetic energy fuels stars, it guides planetary systems, helping maintain orbits and gravity fields. Magnetic energy flows through what is commonly referred to as matter, helping maintain the strength and configuration of matter. Magnetic energy is capable of transmuting itself into an infinite variety of polarities which serve a multitude of purposes. Magnetic energy is the glue that holds the Universe together. Magnetic energy is a constant.

Magnetic Current – a highly concentrated flowing field of magnetic energy that results from harnessing magnetic energy. The devices on the site use magnetic current.

Magnet – a coherent system of elements that exchanges magnetic energy at a high rate through magnetic vortices at the inflow and outflow areas.

Magnetic Pulse – a distinct unit or field of magnetic energy that can be neutral or polarized and is capable of traveling at a nearly infinite velocity. A magnetic pulse can be concentrated (for example: a magnetic pulse traveling through a wire) or a wide spread field (for example: a magnetic energy pulse field emitter can transmit magnetic pulses through matter, air, and space)

Magnetic Pulse Rate – the rate at which a magnetic pulse vibrates and comes in and out of our present dimension. The pulse rate is intimately related to the function the pulse can accomplish. For example, certain pulse rates will assist in allowing matter to easily break apart, certain pulse rates will assist in allowing matter to easily come together from energy, certain

pulse rates will assist in alleviating gravity, certain pulse rates will assist in creating force fields, etc.

Magnetic Polarity – the energy signature given off by energy systems that is influenced by 3 factors: 1 – the composition of the elements involved in the system, 2 – the intensity of the field which relates to the volume of energy flowing through the system, 3 – the pulse rate

Neutral Unit of Magnetic Energy – a latent field of pulsing, relatively non- polarized sub-atomic sized energy components that are inexhaustible and pervade the Universe. These energy units travel at a nearly infinite velocity and are constantly attracted into energy systems throughout the Universe to help maintain the structure of those systems and the attract fields of those systems. These neutral energy units can also clump together creating larger, more potent groups of neutral magnetic energy, sometimes referred to as magnetrons on this site.

Neutral Magnetic Energy Fields – the result of combining inflowing and outflowing magnetic fields, typically by blending magnetic vortices. Neutral magnetic energy fields have the potential to attract neutral magnetic energy units because blended fields release neutral energy pulses that attract additional neutral energy units through the law of attract/attract and the inter-dimensional function of the vortex. A simple method of accomplishing this task is to alternate “north” and “south” magnet polarities in a rotating field and capture the alternating fields in coils which then release the neutral magnetic energy fields.

Magnetic Vortex – the energy vortices that exist in nearly all energy systems allowing magnetic energy to flow in and out of the systems; these vortices are inter-dimensional and allow energy to travel in and out of our dimension as the energy comes into and exits an energy system. The volume of energy in the vortex, the speed of the vortex, the pulse rate of the vortex, and the energy signature of the vortex all influence the attract field of the vortex. Magnetic vortices are commonly connected to each other according to the similarity of their attract fields. Magnetic vortices can be connected to each other at great distances or microscopic distances. Magnetic vortices usually manifest a counter-rotating vortex, especially when the initial vortex becomes stable and lasts for more than just a few seconds. Magnetic vortices tend to flow more efficiently if they follow the natural pattern of water vortices according to hemisphere location (the Coriolis Effect). Magnetic vortices can be found in and around each of the units presented on this site.

Attract/Attract – the prevailing law in the Universe in which like energy systems are attracted to each other. This process of attract typically takes place through vortices linking up to each other through inflow and outflow processes. For example, magnets are not attracted to each other because opposites attract; they are attracted to each other because inflowing magnetic vortices are attracted to outflowing magnetic vortices.

Light – a form of magnetic energy. Light is the product of a magnetic transmutation or reaction where magnetic energy interacts with an element system and either creates a breakdown in the system (such as combustion) or combines energy structures (such as fusion) and facilitates a release of energy. Within stars this clean nuclear process is not simply the result of high pressure and high heat, but is the result of magnetic energy in a controlled reaction that efficiently utilizes elemental energy structures to create an ongoing chain reaction. Light commonly exits stars as pulses which travel roughly four times faster than light waves. Light pulses travel with extraordinary efficiency and convert to light waves when they encounter energy structures like gases and matter.

Matter – systems of energy composed of energy structures that maintain configuration while energy flows through the system; the energy structures attract to each other maintaining the coherence of the system; the strength of the attract fields flowing through the energy structures and hence the strength of the matter is determined by the volume of energy flowing through the energy structures as well as their configuration and pulse rate. Interlocking vortices are typically the means by which the matter or energy structures are held together. The “weight” or “mass” of matter is determined by the volume of energy flowing through it, the pulse rate of that energy and the relationship of the matter’s energy fields to the greater energy system around it. For example, the “weight” or “mass” of matter is influenced by the energy fields of the heavenly body where it is located, not simply by the “weight” or “mass” of that heavenly body. Large mass planets can have weak gravity fields depending on the volume and pulse rate of the magnetic energy flowing through the planet. Magnetic energy can be used to break down matter, and assemble matter, as well as change the weight or mass of matter.

Energy Structures (also referred to as molecular structures on this site) – are specific configurations of energy fields that make up the elements of the Universe. These energy structures have higher dimensional templates that continuously provide the patterns for configuration. As long as the energy structures are not grossly modified they will exchange information with the templates linked to them and maintain their configuration. An example of gross modification would be energy structures or so called elements that emit harmful radiation as a result of technological manipulation.

Electrons – energy structures that have identifiable core structures. Electrons contribute to the unique polarities of energy structures and elements. Identifying these core structures will open new areas of science and provide some of the much needed proof to support many of the concepts on this site.

Gravity – Compressed magnetic energy, a large amount of magnetic energy in a relatively small space. Gravity is composed of two forces acting simultaneously – a push and a pull force, and if either one is alleviated, both forces will cease functioning, allowing craft to freely travel without any impact from gravity. Gravity strength is not a by-product of mass, but the amount of magnetic energy flowing through the heavenly body, the composition of the heavenly body, and the pulse rate of the energy coming through the heavenly body.

Reminder: Here are 2 VERY CRITICAL environmental issues

Radioactive Contamination:

Radioactive energy structures (or human made radioactive “elements”) are contaminating our planet and the energy fields around our planet including The Primary Inter-Dimensional Gravitational Vortex that connects our planet to other planetary systems. Radioactive energy structures travel from our solar system to other solar systems through a galactic energy system, spreading our contamination to other planetary systems and life forms. This is currently a critical problem on our planet and beyond, but this problem will become CATASTROPHIC if certain concentrated areas of radioactive energy structures are not neutralized before the coming planetary changes take place. The situation in Japan is a small example of what will happen if multiple nuclear facilities are damaged from earth changes. Magnetic energy can neutralize all radioactive structures in, on, and around our planet.

Repeat – All human made or manipulated elements that emit harmful radiation can be neutralized with the proper pulsing and counter-rotating neutral magnetic energy fields. For the survival and healthy evolution of life on our planet and beyond, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that harmful radioactive elements be neutralized and all production of such elements be discontinued. This should be a PRIMARY concern for the human race.

Special Note: The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field is being done intentionally to help reduce the spread of contamination to other systems. A weaker gravitational vortex results in less energy moving through our system to other locations through the inter-dimensional planetary vortex network – less energy equals less contamination. The timing of the pole shift and coming changes is being carefully orchestrated to reduce the spread of radioactive contamination. One way or another, the facilities that contain radioactive materials that are vulnerable to extensive damage will be neutralized. Hopefully, humans will voluntarily end their dependency on such facilities, such as nuclear power plants, and willingly neutralize (or at least move) the radioactive materials. Otherwise, greater forces will have to step in to ensure the contamination is contained.

Ozone Depletion:

Ozone depletion is caused primarily by the overuse of electricity that is generated with electro-magnets, basically because the electricity generation process draws ozone/ionospheric energy in and changes the energy structure configuration making redistribution very difficult if not impossible. Conventional power plants do not properly recycle the energy being drawn in by electro-magnets, so these power plants just drain the earth’s protective energy system.

All electricity that is generated by using electro-magnets must be discontinued as soon as possible to stop the depletion of the ozone layer. This obviously includes all conventional electrical generators such as coal, nuclear, and hydro powered facilities. Despite the false reports and manipulated scientific readings, the ozone layer continues to diminish and the process will accelerate as more electricity is generated using electro- magnets. Ozone depletion is at a critical level and stopping conventional electrical production should be another PRIMARY concern for the human race.

Check out this experiment showing energy vortices coming off regular magnets, but NOT electro-magnets. The vortex is the primary method for energy redistribution. No vortex means no redistribution which means a drain on the system.


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