The Coming Pole Shift

Scientific theories are often a bi-product of the technological era. This may be due to mental frameworks society clings to, but it is also due to limited technology to fully understand the complex workings of the Universe. For example, if there is no technology that can examine the infinite number of magnetic energy polarities all around us, scientists may not readily accept that they even exist. The idea that gravity is simply a bi-product of mass and a crude force that gets stronger and stronger as you get deeper into the Earth will be a theory that is completely abandoned once magnetic energy technology is widely used. Consequently, the idea that the Earth’s core is made of molten iron responsible for generating the protective fields around the Earth will someday be recognized as an attempt to explain the Earth’s workings from a very limited point of view.

In fact, magnetic energy flowing through the Earth is responsible for gravity and the protective shields around the Earth. The interior earth elements may influence the elemental signatures found in various energy fields, but they do not generate those fields. Likewise, it is the energy flowing through a magnet that gives the magnet its power, not simply the composition and arrangement of the molecules of the magnet. The Earth is part of an immense system of magnetic energy flow. Magnetic energy readily moves in and out of our dimension as it is attracted to a particular destination. A magnetic field acts as a point of transference where magnetic energy makes adjustments as it changes dimensions and speeds to a nearly infinite velocity.

The energy from Earth, which is highly contaminated right now with deadly radioactive particles, leaves our solar system and enters into other solar systems through galactic energy highways that ultimately result in the energy returning to the point of origin. The contamination from Earth is spreading to other solar systems impacting other life forms, and that is a problem that must be stopped. Magnetic energy technology is available to us to help stop contamination by cleansing our planet and the energy fields around it.

Pole shifts are caused in part by a change in the attraction field downstream from our solar system. Magnetic energy comes into our solar system via attraction and leaves it via attraction, keeping the system going. If there is less demand on the system, the energy draw will slow down, gravity will appear to be getting weaker and rotational speed may even decrease. A pole shift will allow certain polarities to be reset and allow much needed changes to the magnetic flows for the benefit of all. There is nothing wrong with the core of the Earth – it has absolutely nothing to do with the pole shift. Once the system is re-balanced and cleansed, life on Earth will return to healthy normal conditions.

Measures are being taken right now to lower the impact of the contamination from Earth on other solar systems. Energy draws are being reduced, energy is being redirected, and filtering is in place. But the radioactive contamination due to leaking reactors, nuclear bomb tests, spent fuel spills and more remains a massive problem for all living beings, and it must be solved. The coming pole shift is being very carefully arranged in order to reduce current contamination and to create conditions for reducing any further contamination. The timing of this pole shift is directly related to the contamination levels caused by humans. Please understand that this pole shift is absolutely necessary for the galactic community as a whole, including all life on Earth. Some events soon to occur will be paradigm changers, difficult for many people, but rest assured that the human race is being assisted through the entire process.

As we approach these Earth changing events, we will continue to witness more signs that a pole shift is imminent. The Earth may undergo increases in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, intense storms, high ionosphere lightning, sink holes, high winds, loud atmospheric pressure corrections, and rapid decreases in water levels for large bodies of water. Gravity is being altered at specific interior points around the globe to allow surface water to drain into massive subterranean caverns to reduce the impact of geophysical events as the magnetic poles and the physical poles are adjusted. Water levels will return to normal once the pole shift process is complete. It is imperative to take the necessary precautions, on a societal level and a personal level, if and when the ocean levels begin to recede. Dramatic earth changing events are to occur soon after the water recedes. Some locations may be without power for months. Some forms of electrical generation may experience problems that are irreconcilable. Solar power generation could become essential for electricity in some areas. It would be wise to avoid areas prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. At the time ocean waters recede, all nuclear power plants should begin preparing for emergency containment, gas lines should be on high alert for immediate shutdown, etc. Challenging as it may be, Know that Together we will make it through this transition and enter into a new and expansive era as members of our galactic community.