The Control Factor Formula

C – 2 + 14z = 710Y + 409 430


C – 2 + 14z = 710Y + 409

C is the high speed pulsed light energy coming to our solar system outside of space and time, arriving at Jupiter

-2 is the number of planets Earth is away from Jupiter, the magnetic center of our solar system

+14z is the energy stream coming to Earth from Jupiter at a 14° angular

710 is the number of distinct units of combustible factors on Earth which are a combination of earth, air, sound, speed and light

Y is the combustible factor of the elements, an essentially unlimited number of combinations of elemental energetic templates that allow any natural combination of elements to exist within our environment, and receive the necessary energy to maintain existence

409 is the number of elements available to us as the molecular structure templates for all these elements are in the outer energy rim of the ionosphere

This is an explanatory formula. It is a simple teaching tool. The variables represent numbers that are constantly changing. With the proper technology the variables could be filled in at any given moment.

The left side of the formula represents an energy flow coming to our planet, and the right side represents the environment in which we live. We live in an open system that continually attracts energy into our environment to sustain our existence.

The problem is that there are human made and/or manipulated elements in our environment that do not have a naturally occurring energy signature so they create unrecognizable polarities that cannot be matched by the incoming attract stream.

If both sides of the equation are not equal, then the system is out of balance, and it will strive to find balance until it eventually creates an environment that is uninhabitable.

This formula describes a molecular structure just outside the earth’s rim that is the CONTROL FACTOR that governs the complete particle interchange process of our solar system.

The balanced formula is given as C – 2 + 14z = 710Y + 409, however the current situation on our planet has the formula reading something like C – 2 + 14z = 710Y + 430 – which is out of balance. The right side of the formula is in a constant state of imbalanced change depending on the volume of unnatural elements on our planet.

Two main technological advances, electricity and radioactive particle production (and the spreading of those particles through explosions, power plants, etc.), are creating an imbalance in this formula. Evidence of this imbalance is becoming more and more apparent. The ozone holes (which continue to worsen), the increase in storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions; the gravitational fluctuations and the sun’s erratic behavior are all indications of a serious imbalance in the system. We will briefly discuss this evidence of imbalance.

The ionosphere is not merely an “ozone layer” or “invisible gases” but it is a rim of pulsing energy that is the DISTRIBUTION ZONE for the energy that supplies this planet. All magnetic fields are sustained through a connection to the ionosphere and beyond, but electro-magnetic fields do not properly recycle the energy they attract so they slowly drain the system. Electrical power plants are now forming ionospheric energy into electricity at a rate whereby the FEED SOURCE that provides our planet with energy cannot sustain this protective rim, thus ozone depletion is happening. REPEAT: ELECTRICITY IS THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF OZONE DEPLETION. It is imperative to generate energy from a natural attract-attract principle. People will soon be able to observe the core structure of the electron, then the need to stop generating electricity will be well understood because the effects of electricity will be clearly observable.

The molecular structure C – 2 + 14z = 710Y + 409 governs the conditions within the entire earth system, including the conditions of our atmosphere. As this governing molecular structure is affected by electricity and radioactive particle production, our environment reaps the consequences. For example, storms start as an imbalance in the magnetic field that creates the physical manifestations (tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, etc.) that are attempts to regain balance. The storms will get worse as humans throw off the magnetic harmonies of the earth with more and more destructive technology. REPEAT: THE EARTH’S MAGNETIC REBALANCING IS THE PRIMARY CAUSE FOR THE INCREASE IN VORTEXUAL STORMS.

Like wise, almost all geological activity is the result of the earth regaining or reestablishing balance in the magnetic grid. The earth depends on atomic consistency in the elemental vibrations. Humans have created elements that do not occur in nature and then humans spread those elements throughout the system. This radical molecular contamination is far more serious than scientists have realized. The future of our species depends on redistribution or nucleic breakdown of radioactive particles. Another way of saying this is we must stop making radioactive particles and we must clean up and neutralize as many radioactive particles as possible in order to ensure our survival. THERE IS A DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN HUMANS THROWING OFF THE PLANET’S ENERGY GRID AND THE UPHEAVAL OF THE ELEMENTS TO REGAIN BALANCE.

The energy exchange between the earth and sun is continuous and largely interdependent. The conditions on earth are reflected by the sun and visa versa. The earth and sun will continue to attempt to purge the system of radioactive waste until a total system reset occurs.  This extinction level event is avoidable if humans embrace magnetic energy and clean up the planet.

The variables in this formula (C, z, & Y) represent energies that are constantly changing to keep both sides of the equation in perfect balance. This formula represents a system in motion. The molecular structure (represented by this formula) is designed to keep perfect harmony between the Center Point or KING PIN, around which the total Universe takes its preordained course, and the Earth. The left side is the energy from the Universe coming into our Solar System and the right side is the manifestation of that energy. The problem is that we are currently experiencing an imbalance of energy on earth because of our technological influence. This imbalance is causing an unwanted change to the Y part of the formula.

The impact of electricity and radioactive particles is now responsible for the destructive distortion of the 710 units of combustible factors. Humans have misused natural forces to create unnatural elements, which are now a major contributing factor to the timing of the DRASTIC EARTH CHANGES that are about to occur. The earth, and the system it is part of, is in the process of rebalancing itself with a pole shift and a series of gravitational/energetic changes.

We will try to explain the formula further:

At this stage of our human understanding this formula serves more as an explanatory tool of the workings of our solar system, compared to a scientific equation for taking measurements.

C is the magnetic light, in this instance, without considering time and space.

– 2 is the number of planets Earth is away from the magnetic center of our Solar System, identified as Z or Jupiter.

+14z is an energy stream coming from Jupiter at 14°, the 14 being the magnetic light arc as it travels from the magnetic center, Jupiter, to the Earth at a 14° angular.

The Z represents the units of magnetic energy coming from Jupiter to earth.

When the left side of the equation is calculated, ideally it equals 710 units of combustible factors; these factors are multiplied with Y. All of the combinations of combustible factors result in the production of 409 elements that structure the Universe.

Y is the combustible factor of the elements. Y represents every energy polarity or signature necessary for the manifestation and redistribution of any molecular combination. Y helps organize the 710 combustible factors into the 409 elements that make up the physical world. Everything that exists within our planetary system has a specific energy vibration that keeps every group of molecules together or allows them to separate – these energy vibrations are represented as Y. All elements have a specific energy combination that can be formulated or broken down. All elements are combustible with the right energy field or polarity. The magnetic lock that holds all molecules together can be opened or closed with the proper energy field, and this process does not require heat as we are used to thinking. Of course all elements can be burned with high enough heat, but that is not the kind of combustion we are talking about. The combustible factors can transmute elements into the pre-ordained patterns that are imprinted on their molecular templates or break down the molecular structures into a more neutral polarity. The process is continuous and the number of energy polarities represented by Y adjusts as necessary.

Humans have used destructive technology to force certain molecules to separate and join in a manner that does not naturally occur. This violation of natural law produces drastic consequences that the system must rectify.

The 710 combustible factors are variations of magnetic energy and are concentrated in our atmosphere. These combustible factors are combinations of earth, air, sound, speed and light and they provide the polarities to form the 409 elements of the physical world. We are not experiencing many elements available to us at this time. Living energy systems on earth must exist within these combustible factors to operate at full potential. If a living energy system attempts to exist or operate outside of the ionosphere, it will not maintain normal functioning. For example, if humans leave our atmosphere and do not have the appropriate energy field on their spacecraft, their bodies will not function properly. Gravity, or compressed magnetism, is the overseeing force that allows the combustible factors and elements to exist.

The letter C commonly denotes the speed of light in scientific equations. The element light mentioned as one of the factors of Y is not the light identified as “C” at the start of this molecular structure equation. This is important to note. This formula explains how pulsed light particles emitting from the center of the Universe travel to our solar system at variable ‘speeds’ outside of time and space. This formula is primarily concerned with how the high speed pulsed light energy, represented as C, is transmuted into magnetic energy which then creates a speed change that is considerably slower. This formed magnetic energy is captured by our Solar System and is then transmuted into an energy that supplies and sustains our Sun. The light pulses then leave our Sun (and other stars) at about 4 times the speed of light waves (light waves are about 186,000 miles a second). The pulses elongate into waves when they come into contact with something. This formula is primarily for our Solar System. Contrary to popular opinion, Jupiter, not the Sun, should be seen as the magnetic center of our Solar System when trying to understand the energy dynamics of the system. To understand the full impact of the formula, it is necessary to look at the solar system with Jupiter as the magnetic center.

The presently held LAW of entropy is completely false. All magnetic molecular structures are in a constant state of change forming and re-forming with the action always resulting in 100% efficiency. All universal systems proceed to take their prescribed course of action with pre-ordained precision from the Creator Force, utilizing a process of time during the forming and reforming of structures until ‘given evolution’ results. Yes, scientists have observed randomness in the cosmos, and they believe the events they observe have no order, however, the randomness is not RANDOM. The Universe functions perfectly in a PATTERN AS NEEDED while repeating in a random sequence.

As the scientific community makes advances in the field of magnetic pulse detection, people will be able to monitor exactly how many magnetic energy units arrive here from Jupiter at any given moment, thereby maintaining the Earth’s energy needs. People will observe that the energy from Jupiter is then used by the Earth as needed, and the Earth simultaneously imparts energy to our Sun where it helps to sustain the Sun’s energy. The Earth is the vacuum of our planetary system, the final point where energy is recycled back into the Universal system. The pollution produced on Earth affects not only our planet, but other planetary systems as well. Contaminated magnetic energy travels from our planet instantaneously to other systems forcing other beings to cope with our pollution. We are truly connected to a much larger community than we like to think.

We must stop seeing our Earth as an independent, isolated and non-contributing part of this Universe. We must begin to understand that we can no longer move against nature but we must now utilize the magnetic energy technology that is being offered for the benefit of the world. We have long overlooked, through greed, the use of magnetic energy, and the time to expand our minds is now at hand because our planet is soon to find itself extinct if we do not.



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